• Annual audits cover all industry standards and business ethics. All of our factories are 3rd party audited and follow the ETI Code of Conduct. All of our materials are tested to UK, EU and US standards by 3rd party test houses such as SGS and Interek. All of our factories are also signed up to Higg Fem environmental Index as we strive towards becoming a more sustainable business.

  • We are working on a sustainable packaging range, by moving all of our packaging to more environmentally kind materials. All of our polybags are currently being replaced by 100% recycled plastic bags or bio-degradeable packaging.All of our factories have signed up to the Higg Index to evaluate their environmental impact so we can work with them to reduce this.

  • We are working on a sustainable range of products, working to source natural materials and recycled materials to grow a sustainable range while keeping prices competitive.We champion fair and ethical working within our Company and all of our factories.


We believe sustainable fashion encompasses four key points:

  • Ethical manufacture = fashion made by people who are treated fairly, with respect, dignity, and are paid well - we do this by ensuring all of our factories follow the ETI guidelines and are 3rd party audited regularly

  • Sustainable manufacture - fashion made from sustainably-grown or recycled materials, using low- impact processes - We aim to use as many low impact processes as possible and are working on a range of new products made from sustainable materials which are excited to bring to market

  • Quality and longevity - fashion that is made to last and be loved for years to come. - We make our products to last which is clear in the quality or our materials used

  • Circular processes - fashion that can be reused, reworn, recycled, and essentially stay out of landfill for as long as possible. - As our products are made to last, our hope is that the end users will wear them for many years to come